Battle of the Clinical Apps

What clinical mobile apps are most popular today? A snapshot comparing Epocrates and UpToDate by Specialty Segment.

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Bridging the gap between the mountains of data created by the social, mobile, and digital revolution — and strategic insight. We spent the past decade helping companies, brands, and marketers map out the future – grounded in data – and DIG is guided by our vision to create a company for the next decade.


What We Do

Digital Insights Group provides clients with strategic marketing and advisory insights grounded in the following:

Recent Data: a snapshot in time is no longer relevant in a market that evolves by the quarter. We focus on delivering frequent updates to clients focused on the data and insight that matters to you and your team.

Transparency: our data sources and findings are transparent and verifiable. We believe that multiple sources (and approaches) are often required to map out the key insights for your team. We utilize a range of methodologies, data sources, and analytics to provide you with the latest insight to forecast future market trends.

Experience and Expertise: the team behind DIG knows digital pharma – period. We helped create the data, insights, and strategic vision to shape the future of digital health and digital pharma.

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Why We Do It

Digital is too important to ignore. We believe the majority of strategists, innovators, and marketers are relying on data and information grounded in the past (and historical trends). A rear view mirror is great for knowing where you have been. Innovators and strategists need a lens into the future to plan for it. That requires products, services, and data based on current and future trends.

Percent of Time to Access Rx Info (PCP)

Smartphone 33%
Desktop 31%
Laptop 21%
Tablet 15%

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