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DIG provides strategic insights to help clients understand the impact of digital and technology on the future of branding, marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

Insights into the next wave of sales, marketing, digital trends
Compare brand performance with category & industry benchmarks
Clients can provide feedback into key metrics tracked
Optimize the user experience based on feedback and unmet needs
Better understand customer behavior and channel preferences
Access to historical (trended) data by segment




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DIG™ Connected Physician

Optimize your competitive edge with high frequency insight into your market – not the market. The fast moving world of digital and technology creates opportunities and challenges for brands, marketers, and innovative organizations striving to be ahead of the curve – not just trying to catch up to the market leaders.

Discover the answer to your strategic questions with DIG™ Connected Physician, a digital intelligence tool and dashboard to help you identify market trends and relevant customer segments. DIG combines frequently updated raw data, market insight, and brand insight to help you make the right decisions with confidence.

  • What clinical resources are my customers using (traditional and digital) today?
  • What is the impact of health IT (such as EMR) within the practice? Where can pharma participate in this shift?
  • How are different (digital) devices being used for different activities?
  • How are they using digital/technology to engage or connect with patients?
  • Are physicians engaging with my branded content? My competitors?
  • What is the digital profile of the physicians actively seeing my reps? My competitors?
  • How are my physicians using social media? How do they want to use social media in the future?

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